Since Juan de Juan was born in Seville, Spain, in 1979, his path was written. Supported by his family, by the Andalusian land and its people, flamenco art was his cradle. From childhood he felt and vibrated with its rhythms and songs, of a night at bedtime, the flamenco lullabies his mother sang calmed him. At a young age in Moron de la Frontera, one of the most flamenco villages of Andalusia, he began what would be his fruitful career.



To perfect his natural talent, he studied at the Royal Conservatory of Seville, whilst taking classes with teachers like Ramon Barrus, Manolo Marín, Juan Amaya, Juan Ramirez, Ciro, Manolete and Antonio Canales.



The latter, one of the greatest of flamenco dance, was who lead him into the professional field. At 16 he joined his company, there he began to develop in different stages and works to become a principal dancer and guest artist of Antonio Canales‟ Ballet Flamenco, performing and choreographing flamenco masterpieces, such as Torero, Raíz or El Romancero Gitano, amongst others.


He has danced all over Spain and in the largest and most important theaters and festivals worldwide such as: City Center of New York, National Theatre of Costa Rica, Fine Arts of Mexico, Teresa Carreño of Venezuela, National Theatre of Brasilia, Champs Elysées in Paris, National Theatre of Milan, Polish Opera Theatre, Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo and Sadler's Wells in London. Some of the most important festivals in which Juan de Juan has displayed his art have been the Spoleto Festival USA, the Festival of Athens, the Cairo Festival and the Festival of the Arts in Hong Kong.


The talent and overflowing richness of Juan de Juan, public recognition and the certainty of being a figure with a promising future, led him to undertake a solo career making his debut in 2001 with the production of Pueblos in the Theatre Príncipe in Madrid, thereafter performing for two consecutive weeks in the Theatre Juventud of L'Hospitalet in Barcelona, receiving great reviews and public success.


This same year he was invited to perform at the Opera de Marseille in a show where live music was performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of that city. In February 2002 he took a new step by releasing his choreography Anda-Luz in Alicante, a production that has already taken place in more than 50 cities in Spain.

As a sign of professional maturity, the dancer and choreographer goes beyond tradition and unravels the most innovative ways and new pursuits of the current flamenco with "Guitarra de Cal", a modern styled production, which makes it worthy of awards and recognition in the Flamenco Festivals of Utrera and Morón de la Frontera.


In 2004 he founded his own company, of a large size, called Ballet Flamenco Juan de Juan and the stage for its world debut is the Auditorium of Tenerife. Then he will participate in the Festival of Pedraza and for one month he will present "Torero" and "Al Sur", works of recognized success, in the Vitoria Theatre of Barcelona.


This year with the unanimous recognition from the public and critics, Juan de Juan dances at the City Center Theater in New York in the gala „Sevilla Esencias y Alquimia‟, continuing the tour in Washington and Boston.

"Mr. de Juan looks as if he had performed along with Michael Jackson videos as a child. And he knows, even better than Mr. Jackson, how to inhabit couture costumes so that they dance with the body. But in his Alegrías solo you were never in doubt that he was a superb flamenco technician, particularly in his lightning-fast, unslurred footwork"

Unstoppable, he continues to create and publicize endearing choreography for the history of flamenco such as „Al sur‟, which premiered at the Bienal de Flamenco in Seville, and at the Festival of Jerez 2005 he premiered the daring staging entitled „A solas‟, one of his latest hits.


He also combines his productions with collaborating as a guest with artists like Tomatito, Alejandro Sanz, Raimundo Amador......


In January 2006 he began the tour of the COPE, to be performed in 22 major cities of Spain, with the show "Frente a Frente" and creating a new show „Camaron va por ti‟ which will tour the World Heritage cities in the 2006km project, a solidarity march to benefit the Nelson Mandela Children‟s Fund, I presented by the firm art and nature.


Then he toured the major theatrical areas of Japan where it is the cover of the magazine “Paseo” and acts in the annual "Stars of the 21st Century" gala, presented by the Koffler Centre of the Arts where according to critics Juan de Juan‟s‟ dance is reminiscent of the famous Ciata by George Balanchine "see the music, hear the dance". In addition he participated for a week in the Ibereoamericano festival in the BOGOTA THEATRE with "BOTAS DE ORO" (Golden Boots).


In 2007 he releases "A mi aire" starting with a new tour around Spain and presenting it at prestigious European festivals like the flamenco festival in Mont de Marsan in France or Presencia flamenca in Mexico in the city theater. Talent and strength as well as experience make this dancer, one of the most important figures of modern flamenco dance.


Later this year he recorded a musical percussion album entitled "Sólo Compás".



In 2008 Juan de Juan was involved in the fifteenth edition of the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla to reveal the union between Jazz and Flamenco, through dance, with his new show "Orígines" which later features at prestigious international flamenco and jazz festivals.



He also participated in the inaugural gala of this edition alongside the guitar maestro Manolo Sanlucar in a room filled to the brim, in the Plaza San Francisco in Seville where the audience vibrated with the footwork and virtuosity of Juan de Juan.


In this year he recorded a video clip with guitarist Raimundo Amador.


In 2009, encouraged and documented by Jesus Cosano, he delves into the philosophy of the music and culture of the Afro-Americans, as well as underground roots that these two musical cultures share and creates "Los Sones Negros" sponsored by the Unicaja bank, and presented at the Suma Flamenca Festival of Madrid.



Throughout his career he has done numerous record collaborations and television programs.

In 2010, he premièred his new show „Mensajes con Alma‟, which shows how flamenco unites with contemporary music such as Hip Hop, Rap, Funk, with the special collaboration of rapper Junior Miguez and tours the most important Flamenco Festivals with "A lo Caval" one of his most sober shows recovering the essences of the most primitive flamenco, where different choreographies take us to dream with the voices and the dances of the masters…


In 2011 he premièred his show 'La Voz del Baile' in Japan achieving great success of critics and audiences.


In 2012, he premièred his show "Flamenco Hoofer's" at the Bienal de Flamenco in Seville, having been at the Lincoln Centre in New York and been nominated for the Bessie awards.


In 2014 he presented in Los Jardines de Sabatini in Madrid his great show "Sones Negros".



Undoubtedly Juan de Juan is a dancer full of strength, youth and experience, with his own path which allows him to appear in the golden pages of flamenco dancing.

"Cuando Juan de Juan baila pone el alma en la expresión de su cara, tiene fuego en sus pies con la fuerza de su taconeo y cautiva con la armonía gestual de su braceo "


(Ramón Rodó Selles  -  La Vanguardia)













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