The Black Sounds

Los Sones Negros



A journey in time representing the parallelism and underground connections between flamenco and afroamerican music


A journey from the reeds and olive groves to the jazz clubs and singers cafe´s , from Miles Davis to master Rodrigo, Langstong Huges to Gastón Baquero, all the way to  today’s actual musical scene.


For the first time, Juan de Juan materialises on stage the fusion between afroamerican dance and flamenco

Flamenco Hoofer´s



As Bailaor/a is the name given to pure flamenco dancing, Hoofer's is the word used to define the dance performed by African Americans in the

poorest areas, based especially on the drawings and the percussive sound of feet, as if they are singing their yearning to Africa in the form of dance, which initially was done with shoes with wooden soles and

subsequently with metal plates a dance which was performed ‘a capella’ or accompanying Jazz music.The concept of this show comes from the union that both dances share (both Flamenco and Jazz have

African roots)...

`The Voice of the Dance´

La Voz del Baile



" Dancing from my heart, no dance for dancing exists to deliver what my soul wants to express"


"Art becomes remedy when it´s sung, Art breaks chains when it´s danced"


"Rendering your pain with mine and see how disapears and converts into joy"


Summary Lyrics taken from "The Voice of the Dance"




Aura is a show where two artistic disciplines connect. flamenco and art.


The artist José Medina Galeote takes cares of thes strokes, forms and light, what is not visible to the naked eye is the AURA of flamenco dancer Juan de Juan.


Every stroke carries the  message of a flamenco voice and guitar that immortalizes the ephemeral painting. which represents the dance, because every drawing is made to the rhythm of what’s happening at that same instant...


Mi Tierra



Juan de Juan in his vigorous and continuous creative process, presents this new proposal closing a fruitful stage of creations that the artist has been performing over more than ten years.


Bringing together all the experience gained over many years of work and creation, the show will tour in the first part all the Andalusian provinces.


 Flamenco in its fullest interpretation, recreating the lands of Andalusia to the beat of the music and the dance proposed by the artist for each of the provinces.

Flamenco y Oro



Is a vanguard show where two iconic unique cultures from our land claim and rescue their heritage as two infinite forms of art.


The show exposes flamenco and bull fighting with the similarities, the intimacy of bull fighting and the deep connections of flamenco, on  stage you will presence these two artistic manifestations united by rhythm, sound, temper and all of the artistic characteristics.


All in-closed in a elegant show you will not forget...













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